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Strategies and Services for Cosmeceuticals

The plus of active ingredient that distinguishes a cosmeceutical from a simple care product brings meaningful USPs and added value to the portfolio. But it also brings the cosmeceutical close to the borders of other product categories. We advise you on all questions of demarcation from pharmaceuticals and medical products and support you in the development of effective formulations within the permissible parameters. We observe and analyse market trends and present our customers with ideas for new products that successfully complement the existing portfolio.

Product development and maintenance

During formulation development, we analyse and evaluate active ingredient profiles, active ingredient combinations and suitable auxiliaries within the permissible parameters for cosmetics. We prepare all the necessary documentation to enable your product to enter the market with an attractive and resilient efficacy promise and take over the cosmetovigilance for your products on the market.

On behalf we take responsibility:


    Regulatory Affairs

    We competently and reliably equip your pharmaceutical and healthcare products with all regulatory requirements for successful and rapid market access.

    Quality Management

    We support the establishment and optimisation of your QM systems and everything that goes with them in a responsible and experienced manner.

    Clinical/Medical Affairs

    We prepare meaningful clinical and medical reports and documentation for the scientifically substantiated assessment of your products.

    Vigilance / Surveillance

    We take responsibility for the safety monitoring and risk assessment of your products at every stage of their life cycle.

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